Gay Wedding Gifts for The LGBTQ+ Community

We read an article in the BBC about how difficult it is to find wedding gifts for gay men, lesbian ladies and transgender weddings. As a gift company we’d come across some gifts available for the LGBTQ+ market, but most of them were of poor quality. Not recognising the value of the Pink Pound, many brands had decided to go to the bottom of the market and source relatively cheap and inexpensive items. 

That posed a challenge, what to buy that’s considerate to the people getting married; after all a ubiquitous Mr Right and Mrs Always Right champagne set isn’t going to work. 

Gay Wedding Cake Topper

Whilst in China we found a factory selling Gay Wedding Cake Toppers with two men and two ladies, having their first dance. The designs were quite nice and were well executed. We decided to give them a go and we’re pleased to announce our first gay wedding gifts are now in stock.

We’re commited to sourcing more LGBTQ specific gifts for weddings, so please keep checking back for more specific gifts.