COVID-19 and Small Businesses - an Open Letter

Dear Customer,

As the owner of a small business, I thank you, I really do for taking time to source your products and order it through us. We spend a lot of time putting together our ranges and sourcing not just from here in the UK, but also from our suppliers in China. When we receive an order for a product we’ve sourced, we’re really thankful - we really are. 

Like all small businesses we’ve experienced some real challenges over the last few months - firstly suppliers in China not being able to ship our orders, then what seems like a short period of time, we got the virus in the UK and a lock down quickly ensued. 

On the whole most of our customers are lovely people who’ve been nothing but supportive and we thank them for that. That being said, we’ve also encountered a number of customers, who can’t understand how an order can “take so long”. 

Historically sales online are about 20% of all retail sales, with 80% being on the high street. With high street stores, mostly in our sector still closed, all sales are going online for the products we sell. Businesses like ours are setup for  certain amount of sales; not 100% of sales. 

Please please, when you place an order with a small business such as ourselves, please give us some time, please don’t demand everything instantly. Please be aware, we’re doing everything we can to get your order shipped as soon as we can.