Families and the Corona Virus

We’ve heard from so so many friends and families how hard they’re finding it trying to ensure their children are educated through the isolation required to rid our country of COVID-19. We know families with children of all ages, all struggling in their own way. We can understand, we really can. Children see home as their safe haven, the release from the pressures of school; the place to relax. Then here we are as a country forcing them to work, in their safe haven. 

Our European friends have announced that they are going to keep children away from school until September, we speculate our country will do something similar. That means they’re going to be off for around six months. That’s hard for not just the kids but their parents. 

These challenges got us thinking about how parents could keep their children focussed on chores, on their school work and it made us think about the traditional way jobs link to pocket money. So to help we’ve come up with a Kids Job Sheet. 

Kids Chore Sheet

The idea is simple, fill in the form on a weekly basis, setting out their expectations and if they achieve them what reward they can get. It’s a simple idea but one we hope will help keep your young people a little more focussed. Simply click hereto add this to your basket