Hand Painted Glassware

We'd love to introduce you to our new delightful range of hand painted summer glasses.

Each piece is hand painted by expert craftsmen, giving each glass a unique and individual look. 

From pretty florals, daring prints and funky flamingos, there is a design to suit all tastes across a number of styles.

Gin your thing?

Make it a large one and pair it with your favourite mixer. Our gin glasses hold 625ml - perfect for that extra large, ice and a slice on a balmy summer evening.





The immortal question - Red, White or Rosé?

With multiple sizes to choose from, you can find the perfect glass for your perfect drink.

Not one for wine? The stemless glass is perfect for non-alcoholic drinks and will hold 530ml of a refreshing summer cooler.



Celebrating in style?

Our choice of champagne flutes will surely be a highlight at your next special occasion. Fill them to the brim with 220ml of something bubbly and live life to the fullest!

Check out our 'New In' section for all new glassware styles, including new additions to 'Humorous' ranges.