What is a Silent Sweep Wall Clock?

We've all been there, it's late at night and you can't get to sleep! You're there in your quiet bedroom, all the still of night sets in to all the houses and the streets around you. Your home is still, restful and peaceful - in theory the perfect environment for sleep. Then you hear the quiet tick tock of your wall clock or alarm clock. As you hear it, your ears hear it even more... Over time the ticking and tocking gets louder until all you can hear is the clock.

So one day you're perusing our website looking at our wide range of wall clocks and come across something called a "Silent Sweep Wall Clock" and you wonder, could that help my insomnia? Well most likely!

When standard clocks tick, it's the stop start motion of the seconds hand moving from one second to another. A sweeping seconds hand does exactly that, it sweeps around the clock face from one second to the next. Some people ask if they're completely silent and the short answer is no, they're not. As they're a moving part, they make noise. Very low amounts of noise, but when you're wanting sleep - how much noise is too much noise?

We find many offices, want to ensure a quiet serene working environment and go for silent sweep office clocks too. They don't cost anymore, so why wouldn't they? 

If you're looking for a range of silent sweep wall clocks for your home or office, look no further.