Pendulum Chimes Set-Up

Thank you for your purchase of a Fox and Simpson Clock. The instructions detailed below are generic and cover several of our clocks, please look at the appropriate sections for your individual clock instructions.

Fox and Simpson Mantle Clock and Fox and Simpson Pendulum Clock – No Chimes

These only require AA batteries to operate. The clock must be manually set to the correct time.

Fox and Simpson Pendulum Clocks – Westminster Chimes Only

Pendulum clocks come with two different battery sections (time / pendulum & chime), which work separately. To set the time, simply insert the batteries (normally a single AA battery) into the relevant compartment, turn the time set switch to set the correct time (like you would a normal wall clock).

In the pendulum / chime section, insert the batteries (generally two AA batteries). Normally the chimes will sound, which will set the time to midnight but you will know what time it has been set to by the number of strikes sounded (e.g. 1-12). Simply press the red button or set button, to get the time to the time required. If the current time is in the afternoon, you will need to press the red button twelve times before the mechanism knows it's the afternoon (post midday). If the time is approaching 5pm, you will need to set the time to 4pm and the chimes will then chime correctly once the time gets to 5pm.

Fox and Simpson Pendulum Clocks – Multiple Chime Modes

In some of the Fox and Simpson brand of clock there are 4 mode button setting for chimes, if your clock has this setting the mode descriptions are below:

Mode 1 – Westminster Chime only – No Strike

Mode 2 – Westminster Chime & Quarterly Strike (Recommended when Setting the Clock up)

Mode 3 – Strike only – No Chime

Mode 4 – Alternative Chime Sound (Usually Ave Maria)

Fox and Simpson Pendulum Clock – Auto-Night Shut Off Function

If your pendulum clock has an auto-night shut off function remember the clock will not strike usually between 10pm & 5am. Sometimes this function can be turned off if there is a switch to do so, however some clocks do not have this and the functionality cannot be disabled.

Fox and Simpson Pendulum Clock – Volume Control

If your pendulum clock has volume control there is a round button which can be turned to adjust the volume, if your clock does not have this you can also remove the batteries from the chime section if you wish the chimes not to strike.

We hope you enjoy you Fox and Simpson Clock.